Better Baked Goods Require Accurate Measurements

Better Baked Goods Require Accurate Measurements
Measuring ingredients accurately is a critical step in the baking process. Adding too much flour to a cake recipe can leave it dry and crumby.  Unfortunately, it is much too easy to make this mistake and not even realize it when using a traditional measuring cup. Use a digital scale for more accurate measurements that are also easier to repeat consistently.

In the Escali test kitchen, Chef Terry John Zila demonstrates the difference between a cake that had properly measured flour and one that did not. “If you measure properly, you’re going to have spectacular baked goods,” Zila explains. “The problem with over-measuring flour is that you have pie crusts that aren’t roll-able, breads that are tough and cakes that are like rocks.” He argues that not only will the texture of your baked goods be affected, but also their presentation. Zila explains the difficulty of making a torte when the cake is too dense or the body is too thin.

A Digital Scale Provides Accuracy and Consistency

In another video Chef Zila explains the pitfalls of using a measuring cup. He demonstrates the accuracy of a digital scale compared to a measuring cup. “Every time you take your cup and you put it into the flour, you can actually add up to 3 tablespoon of flour per cup!”

Digital scales are the ultimate kitchen companion for accuracy and efficiency. It is not only easier to measure flour with a digital scale, but it also reduces clean-up. Measure all ingredients in a mixing bowl eliminates the need to clean measuring cups or spoons.
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