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Joyce Chen®

Burnished Bamboo Sushi Board Set

Burnished Bamboo Sushi Board Set

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The Joyce Chen Burnished Bamboo Sushi Board Set, is perfect for anyone serious about sushi and looking to upgrade their sushi presentation. This eco-friendly sushi board set includes a bamboo sushi board, ceramic soy sauce dish, and a pair of chopsticks; everything you need for your sushi dinner.

Crafted from eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo, this sushi board is both functional and environmentally conscious. The board is traditional in shape and design and is similar to what you would find in a sushi restaurant in Japan. The front of the board has a groove for resting your chopsticks when not in use and a recess in the corner of the board nestles the ceramic soy sauce dish preventing spills.

Ideal for sushi lovers, the Joyce Chen Burnished Bamboo Sushi Board Set is the perfect addition to any sushi arsenal. Whether you're new to sushi or a sushi pro, this sushi board set will take your sushi game to the next level.
  • Made from bamboo, a sustainable, renewable resource
  • Includes everything you need for an authentic sushi restaurant dining experience; set includes sushi board, ceramic sauce dish, and bamboo chopsticks
  • Chopsticks nestle in the carved groove and keep them in place when not in use
  • Recessed dish holder prevents spills
  • Burnished finish adds a stylish look and resists moisture for longevity
  • Hand wash for best results

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