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Digital Pocket Thermometer

Digital Pocket Thermometer

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  • Easy-to-read digital display
  • Food safe stainless steel probe
  • Anti-roll design to prevent accidental drops
  • Protective sheath with pocket clip
  • NSF certified


Temperature Range
-40° to 500° F / -40° to 260° C

Probe Length
4.75 in

One LR44 (included)

Efficient Measurements in Reach

The Escali DHT1 Digital Pocket Thermometer accurately measures temperatures to ensure food is cooked perfectly and safe to eat. The easy-to-read digital display is cross-mounted for convenient viewing and features an anti-roll design to keep the thermometer from falling off work surfaces. Always keep this essential kitchen tool at your side with the protective probe sheath and pocket clip.

Line-of-sight Display

The display face is mounted perpendicular to the probe for better viewing when taking measurements at high angles above the target.

NSF Certified

The manufacturing process of this product is regularly checked and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and meets the highest standards for public health protection.

Anti-roll Design

A flat portion of the display prevents the thermometer from rolling and potentially harmful falls.

Safe Extend Probe Holder

A hole through the end of the protective sheath allows the probe to be held at a safe distance over steaming hot liquids.

Probe Sheath with Pocket Clip

Keep the thermometer close at hand and protect the probe when not in use with a probe sheath constructed using antimicrobial materials.

Target Cooking Temperatures

The protective sheath features target cooking temperatures for beef, lamb, pork, veal, fish, poultry and ground beef.

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