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High Capacity Anti-Slip Bathroom Scale

High Capacity Anti-Slip Bathroom Scale

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  • Anti-slip Glass Surface
  • 562 lb Capacity
  • Extra Large Backlit Display
  • Audible Beep and Extended Weight Display (10 seconds)

562 lb (255 kg)

0.1 lb, 0.1 kg

pounds (lb), kilograms (kg), stones (st:lb)

12.8 x 12.2 x 1.18 in

4 x AAA (included)

This high capacity bathroom scale is perfect for anyone who wants a reliable and sturdy digital scale. The 562-pound capacity is among the highest available. A slip resistant glass surface ensures safe and accurate readings, while the durable construction and larger size make the scale stable and less prone to tipping.

The High Capacity Anti-Slip Bathroom Scale is also designed to be highly accessible. Instant-on technology means the scale is always ready to weigh; all you have to do is step on. When weight is confirmed, the number blinks on-screen three times, and if the weight cannot be seen, the scale will beep audibly to confirm. The extra-large backlit display is easy to read even in the dimmest bathrooms.

This robust and durable weight scale is the perfect addition to any bathroom. There’s no better body scale for safe and high-capacity weighing.

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