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Joyce Chen®

Burnished Bamboo Mixing Spoon, 15-Inch

Burnished Bamboo Mixing Spoon, 15-Inch

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The Joyce Chen 15-inch Burnished Bamboo Mixing Spoon is the perfect addition to any kitchen. This durable spoon can handle hot oils and soups without scratching nonstick or seasoned surfaces. The design of the spoon allows you to get every last bit from the rounded sides of the wok or properly mix all baking ingredients in a bowl.

Made with sustainable, renewable bamboo, this eco-friendly spoon has a burnished finish that resists heat and moisture. At 15 inches long, this spoon is the perfect in-between size for a variety of uses in the kitchen. It's not too long that it becomes unwieldy and not too short that it can't reach the bottom of deeper pots.

The Joyce Chen 15-inch Burnished Bamboo Mixing Spoon is a reliable, eco-friendly, and stylish utensil that will quickly become your go-to in the kitchen."
  • Durable and versatile bamboo mixing spoon for cooking and baking
  • Safe to use with nonstick or seasoned surfaces, preventing scratches and preserving cookware
  • Rounded design helps to scrape every bit of food from rounded wok sides
  • Made from eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo
  • Burnished finishing adds a stylish look and resists heat and moisture for longevity
  • 15 inch length
  • Hand wash for best results

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