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Old Stone Pizza Kitchen

Pizza Peel With Folding Handle, 14x16-Inch

Pizza Peel With Folding Handle, 14x16-Inch

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The Old Stone 14x16-inch Pizza Peel with Collapsible Wooden Handle is an essential tool for safely sliding pizzas and breads to the warmest spot in the oven. With its easy-glide aluminum peel, you can slide pizzas of all shapes and sizes in and out of the oven with minimal effort. The pizza peel is also great for baking bread, pastries, and vegetables.

This folding peel has a large carrying surface and a long handle, giving you the freedom to move around your kitchen with ease. The swivel handle of the peel breaks it down for easy storage and the aluminum construction makes it a heavy-duty and long-lasting kitchen tool.

If you’re ready to start baking restaurant-quality pizzas at home, or even just reheat last night’s takeout, the Old Stone 14x16-inch Pizza Peel will make the job simple.
  • Easy-glide aluminum peel makes it easy to slide pizza or bread in the hottest section of the oven
  • Ideal for larger pizzas and longer loaves of bread
  • Handle folds in for easy storage
  • Perfect for breads, pastries, or vegetables
  • Made from a heavy-duty aluminum that will last a long time
  • Hand wash only

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