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Stainless Steel Bathroom Scale

Stainless Steel Bathroom Scale

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440 lb (200 kg)

0.2 lb (0.1 kg)

pounds (lb), kilograms (kg), stones (st:lb)

13.5 x 13.75 x 1 in

Six AAA (included)

Extra Large Platform

The Escali S200 features a large stainless steel platform with a sleek and stylish design. The Instant-on and Automatic Shut-off features make this body weight scale very easy to use, simply step on, wait for the display to blink and step off. Weight measurements are then easily read from the LED display for an additional 5 seconds with the Display Hold Feature.

Extra Large Platform

The oversized stainless steel platform measures 13.5 inches x 13.75 inches.

LED Display Technology

The blue LED digits are energy efficient and easy to read under any lighting conditions.

Instant-on Technology

The scale will turn on automatically once a person steps on the platform.

Display Hold

Hold weight measurements on screen when weighing large items, even after they are removed from the scale.

Automatic Shut-off

The scale will turn off automatically to help conserve and extend battery life.

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