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The London Sip®

VacOne Air Brewer

VacOne Air Brewer

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The VacOne Air Brewer is a unique 2-in-1 coffee and cold brew maker that utilizes patented technology to brew delicious coffee and cold brew in minutes. Our exclusive Vac-Tec technology uses a high-pressure vacuum, allowing you to brew both coffee and cold brew at the touch of a button. Enjoy a smooth and velvety cup of hot coffee in under a minute, or a glass of sweet and intense cold brew in only 4 minutes.

Out of the box, the VacOne contains everything you need to start brewing amazing coffee or cold brew. Simply add coffee grounds and water to the chamber, let the coffee steep and press the button on the top of the chamber. The coffee will flow into the included carafe crafted from quality borosilicate glass that is resistant to thermal shock and will not impart any flavors into your coffee. The brewer is also an eco-friendly brewing system as it utilizes a stainless steel mesh filter system and eliminates the need for paper filters. In addition, the brewer can be charged via USB from your computer in under 2 hours with one charge allowing you to brew 100 cups of coffee.

Fast and easy to use, The London Sip Vac One Air Brewer will make the most memorable cup of coffee or cold brew you have ever made at home. a quick cup on the go, or easily share with friends. Start pouring with London Sip today!

  • With the VacOne air brewer make pour over, french press, and espresso in one minute or a rich cup of cold brew in four minutes

  • Our patented VacTec technology uses a high pressure vacuum, allowing you to brew both coffee and cold brew at the touch of a single button

  • The VacOne makes a smooth, balanced cup of hot coffee with a deep and rich body. Air brewing reduces bitterness and acidity in the final cup and brews a delicious cup of hot coffee in about one minute

  • Stop waiting 12-24 hours to drink your cold brew.  Air brewing accelerates the extraction time to deliver an intense glass of cold brew in 4 minutes. The secret is 7psi of negative pressure applied to finely ground coffee

  • The VacOne easily charges over USB. Charge for 2 hours to make up to 100 cups of coffee on a single charge

  • Compact and portable, the VacOne air brewer takes up little space in a kitchen and is small enough to travel or camp with

  • The VacOne brewing method is eco-friendly by eliminating the waste created by paper filters and coffee pods

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